A Big Thanks To 2016 And A Hearty Welcome To 2017

Girl jumps to the New Year 2017 at sunset.

Its time to bid farewell to the year 2016, which has come in full circle giving us the joyous moments to hail, sudden calls/ decisions to agitate! Let us retrospect the year for the good times it gave us and make the little needed preparation to hold and mould up to the expectations the year 2017 has in store for us.

A Thanks card to 2016… Biggest events that made us strong!

Intolerance is only a myth

The much popular word that was a buzz in the first quarter was ‘Intolerance’. It was limited only to Aamir Khan’s wife episode and selfish politicians who wanted to rub off their ideas on the majority. The country stood as one and gave out a call that we are free to eat whatever we want and free to be as we are!

Jio – Long live Internet

It’s indeed the best year the time has given to the Internet lovers. Reliance Jio is totally credited for their free introduction of a giant digital world. Today internet has got a tremendous reach in the rural front and of course everyone started loving it! May be it has pushed the younger generation towards unlimited internet usage but it even ignited the young minds to fill up the empty cyber space, in which there are unending opportunities.

Stronger & Bolder Indian Army

The Surgical strikes on Pakistan proved the bravery of Indian army giving wings to being aggressive. The country gave thumbs up towards this move appreciating the bold steps of the Prime minister Modi and Defense minister Parrikar. The world itself stood in support of India and thrashed the evil deeds of Pakistan.

Demonetization – It’s the time we learnt to go digital

The sudden call of demonetization has left many in the lurch. The poor got affected badly to the cash crunch but the literates and young generation started shifting towards the digital payment platforms. This is the time that turned gold for all the e-commerce sector and mainly Paytm which raised its stakes with a bang. All in all money has not become a winner to be in the liquid cash but changed its means keeping its value and importance as it is!

There are lot more happenings in the other areas like movies, sports etc where we cherished the victorious moments but the above would appeal to all classes no matter where they belong to.

It’s the time we learn to value the moment, learn from the past and prepare for the future with hope and surprises which are in store for us. Once the time comes to us, it will be a sure shot sign we make it in the annals of history… So go and try to find one such big moment in 2017.

EeYuva wishes you a Happy New Year 2017, May all your wishes get fulfilled!!

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