Shah Rukh Khan Sells And Stocks Go Boom!

Shah Rukh Khan Sells And Stocks Go Boom

No wonder about the brand image SRK aka Shah Rukh Khan possess in the Indian Market (both in Movies and Business). Trade analysts opine that 90% of the Brands that are endorsed by SRK never ran into losses.

SRK.., being a hard core Entrepreneur knows the jugglery of selling the stuff. The Superstar stands tall in endorsing wide range of premium brands from TAG Heuer watches to Big Basket. It’s not about how big or small the company is, but once SRK joins the company’s bang wagon it’s sure that the company’s shares and market value booms to the top.

The recent move by Reliance company also proves the same, the company has picked SRK as its ‘face of promotion’ for its most acclaimed product, Reliance Jio Infocomm. The moment you see the hoardings of R-Jio, it definitely reminds you the same hoardings that were kept for Airtel’s promotion in its initial days and even it’s an undeniable fact that

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

SRK’s charisma has helped in branding the Airtel and making it what it’s today.

The latest speculation that’s hitting the trade circles is, Apple. Inc considering Shah Rukh Khan as its brand ambassador to launch its products and thus aim at capturing the wide market of the world’s second largest populous country.

The best example to know SRK’s charm in the art of selling is, his style of branding for Kolkata Knight Riders team in the first edition of Indian Premier League. Though the team stood last in the points table, but it was emerged as a winner in the business circle earning about 22-25 Crores through various brand associations of Shah Rukh Khan.

The brand image of Shah Rukh Khan is sky rocketing and no company bothers about his age. All they want is his presence to lure the customers to purchase their goods and services. And, definitely Shah Rukh excels in that art like no one else. If there is any such award to be given for ‘Brand Promotion’, it would be Shah Rukh who stands as a numero-uno with a trade mark dimple smile.